Home Automation: Meaning and how it works

home automation

What does home automation mean? The term home automation comes from the Greek where “domus” means home and “ticos” the study of these improvement applications in the field of robotics. It is home automation, which allows smart devices to be integrated, associating sensors and commands related to the central hub of the home.

Through the use of wireless buttons, voice commands or touch screens and other user interfaces, the devices can be connected to a smart control unit. This unit receives and processes the information received to perform actions on the connected devices. Contact Automated Innovation today!

These can be contacted through different systems such as local networks, radio waves, servers in the cloud and wireless wi-fi systems. This also simplifies the connection, which will not be made by cables, but it will be enough to “associate” the equipment to the control center.

What does home automation mean and what are its applications?

A home automation system is a technological solution that allows automating most of the electronic, electrical and technology-based tasks within a home. It uses both combination of hardware and software technologies that allow the control and management of appliances and devices within a home.

home automation

However, when you decide to install one of these systems, there are a few things to consider, such as:

  • The system aimed mainly at non-professionals, must be simple to install, configure and obviously also to use, it is better to focus on wireless systems with friendly management through a specific application
  • Having to constantly work at the moment of choice, we must move towards a product that offers the guarantee of minimizing the risk of interruptions or failures
  • Even in the event of a component outage, it should still be usable for the other connected devices without having to replace that particular sensor
  • Home automation usually helps us reduce energy waste thanks to smart plugs that report consumption in real time, for the day, week or month depending on the chosen environment.

Home automation applications

This discipline capable of performing complex actions in response to impulses and stimuli from sensors or equipment connected to a central system can intervene mainly in the following elements of your home:


  • Home climate and temperature management (controlling the operation of air conditioners by adjusting humidity, speed, temperature and room temperature adjustment managed by programmable thermostats)
  • Manage the automatic on and off of our lighting
  • Plan automatic irrigation systems for exteriors or balconies
  • Management of devices such as motorized blinds, curtains or windows that close at a certain time or according to the outside climate (wind, rain, sun thanks to the climate control units for automation)
  • Management of opening gates at certain times or with recognition of the person who is entering.
home automation works


  • Setting when a movement occurs, the opening of a door, or the acoustic warning of the alarm can open and close the blinds scaring the attacker or activate the light to give the impression of being at home awake
  • Sending an automatic intervention request to the closest surveillance center, managing intrusion detection systems more efficiently
  • Activate the cameras and decide whether to take photos or record videos directly from the phone without leaving the room
  • Alerts and notification settings. Also on anti-flood sensors, methane gas leaks, smoke, movement of people inside rooms, door opening and much more depending on the chosen sensors.

Saving electricity

  • Check which plugs are working, which electrical appliances are connected and also the consumption in real time, daily, weekly or monthly. If from outside the home you see that there is too high a consumption, you can decide to disable that plug or command
  • Set lights, lamps, televisions, or plug-in devices to turn on or off with a convenient wireless button that you can move wherever you want
  • Manage the color and intensity of light directly from your phone. You can turn off or on the lights in various areas of your home, check that they have not been left on in the room where any member of your household is present
  • Turn on the exterior lighting at dusk and then turn off at dawn
  • So what does home automation mean? That there is a discipline that offers you many applications within your home so that you can efficiently manage your household appliances. Not only to provide you with energy savings and security, but also comfort in such a complicated world that we currently live in.

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