Why you should visit the physiotherapist newcastle even if you are not injured?

Why you should visit the physiotherapist newcastle even if you are not injured?

When someone goes to the physiotherapist newcastle it is usually because he has no choice. You have suffered an operation or a serious injury, or a sprain has been chronicled or you have discomfort that you no longer support.

Here physiotherapist newcastle will explain that physiotherapy also has a preventive function that helps you prevent injuries, correct postures or train better.

Although it is associated with the recovery process, physiotherapy can also help you avoid physical problems. The most common is to require physiotherapy services, but preventive physiotherapy is a very effective tool to prevent injuries.

“The majority, both elite athletes and amateurs, usually come when they already have a pain, problem, pathology or diagnosis.”

Physiotherapist newcastle – The preventive function of physiotherapy

Physiotherapist newcastle usually receives patients who arrive “looking for a solution”, sometimes without even going to the doctor.

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“They come with a serious, chronic or sub acute problem, and if they had come before they could have avoided reaching that point, or their recovery would be faster. ”

“When you are thirsty you are already dehydrated. Well, before injuring you, we can know our deficiencies and put a previous solution.”

The physiotherapist newcastle prevents, corrects, informs and advises , and this will help you to avoid injuries and also to get more out of your workouts.

Sometimes they will affect postural correction; others to normalize the tone and relax the muscles; Sometimes it will be enough to educate and guide.

“The main thing is to know the weak areas: posture, gait, muscle compensation and attack at those points.”

Come to download or be small discomforts that are not injuries , but notices, avoid being injured for a month and without doing sports.

Tips to avoid injuries and relapses

For a professional athlete this is essential; an amateur allows you to plan your new challenge avoiding injuries: It allows you to plan when you have to do cycles of high loads, download at the end of the week if you do the fastest series, know that you have to get home and put on ice or work well stretching. The physiotherapist newcastle will make a diagnosis and give you advice not to injure you and guidelines to avoid relapses.

“They sent me elite athletes when they already had the discomfort or injury. Then physiotherapist newcastle established the fact that they had to pass preventive two or four times a week, because that way we had fewer injuries and discomforts and more quality workouts.”

Part of the physio’s job is to explain how to protect your joints, how to train injury-sensitive areas, what exercises you should enhance and which ones to avoid, and when you should rest.

Therefore, when we discuss the usual case of amateur athletes who stop training for a week or two because they have the muscles full of “knots”, he explains the following: If you have reached that point is that something is doing wrong: approach to training, recovery or poor exercise mechanics.

If when you start to notice discomfort you put a brake and go to the specialist, physiotherapist newcastle will tell you to stop training, exercise, download muscles and guide you on how to continue. This will save the activity completely cease.

Part of the physio’s job is to explain how to protect your joints, how to train injury-sensitive areas, what exercises you should enhance and which ones to avoid, and when you should rest.

In the end, its preventive and corrective work is nothing more than promoting healthy habits adapted to each patient with clear objectives: avoid injury, shorten recovery periods and gain quality of life.

“A bruise playing football cannot be avoided preventive, but if I explain how to put ice on you, I am having a preventive impact. Do I wear it fifteen minutes? Can I take it off and wear it? Do I wear a compression bandage? If you explain all that, you are giving preventive guidelines.”

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More awareness is needed

The two experts consulted agree that more and more athletes know the importance of preventive physiotherapy. After an awareness of professionals, the importance of preventive physiotherapy begins to penetrate amateur level.

However, more “education” is still needed . “In the world of sports, physiotherapist newcastle begin to realize that a discharge massage is necessary to avoid overloads and contractual, but usually awareness comes because an injury has already occurred.”

Physical preparation has been professionalized in all disciplines, which is related to the preventive part Physiotherapist newcastle do. Many sports begin to put physics in the quarry, and that gives a very important awareness.

I think that in 15 years there will be no clubs that have no physio and do not work on prevention. Physiotherapist newcastle educate, inform and treat them and put it into an increasingly spaced routine, indicating the exercises and postural changes that you must make. When they see it works, they demand that physiotherapy service more.

Physiotherapist newcastle is used to going to the physio when something hurts, although Physiotherapy centers have heard a thousand times what “prevention is better than cure.”

If you do physical exercise, you may want to apply the saying to save yourself some disgust. Physiotherapist newcastle is generally known for injuries and stay for prevention .

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