Locksmith Tips: 4 Types of locks you can install to protect your home


Locksmith Security Systems At Home

Security system technology is consistently evolving and new technologies are constantly being innovated to reinforce the safety of security systems for home and business alike. Thanks to the constant improvement of security bowlers and advances in smart functions that make life easier and the use of security systems, such as biometrics, homes are becoming impenetrable fortresses.

Although the evolution of home security systems has advanced a lot, locks and keys are the security elements that have always given good results and that cannot be missing from the doors of your home. Ambassador locksmiths are locksmith specialists who know well all the lock systems that you can install in your home. Contact them to renew the security of your home or replace the locks in your home that do not give you confidence.


Types of locks and keys for the home

Your door is the first line of defense against intruders, therefore a secure lock is crucial in keeping strangers off your property and belongings safe, although with the different types of locks to choose from, find out which one is the better for your home can be difficult.

But this has a solution, because when you contact Ambassador locksmiths, they will help you choose the best lock for your home, a decision that will allow you to live calmly and rest without worries.

Knob Locks

One of the most common types of door locks, the cylindrical knob locks are used on all types of doors: front door, bedroom door, garage door or back patio door.

These locks have knobs on both sides. One side has a padlock and the other side has a hole to open the door. Because the locking mechanism is inside the doorknob (rather than the door), it can be easily broken with a hammer, wrench, or stone and should not be the primary security lock on a home entry door.

Lever Locks

These handle locks are commonly found on interior doors, they fit easily in your hands when grasping, and are more elegant than standard knob locks. Most lever locks do not require keys, as locking involves pressing or turning a button on the inside face.

Because this type of door lock works like knob locks, they can break forcefully and are not recommended as the only line of defense on a front door.

Security Locks

This type of door lock is more common, for two reasons, they are more secure and cost effective. In fact, they are the most installed by Ambassador locksmiths because they use a metal bolt that slides inside the door frame. The deadbolt is controlled by a latch inside the door and a keyhole on the outside.

  • Individual: Found on most front doors, this type of lock has the keyhole on the outside of the door and a fixed thumb turn on the inside.
  • Double Deadbolt Locks: This type of door lock has a key cylinder on both sides of the door and does not have a manual turn. These locks require a key.
  • Multi-point: They are one of the best to protect the home and are made up of different anchors in different areas of each door, something that makes them very safe and difficult to force, since, in addition, they prevent the action of levers due to their distribution and design. They are often used on armored and armored doors.

Electronic or Digital Locks

This is the ultimate evolution of locks. At present, you can install an intelligent digital access system in your home at a fairly low price, with access via alphanumeric code, an application on your mobile, via Bluetooth/NFC and recently, via fingerprint.

In addition, the biometrics in the locks will provide your home with an intelligent system capable of distinguishing if you are an authorized person through the identification of the iris of your eye, a retina scanner, voice or facial recognition.

The recommendation of Ambassador locksmiths is that you always have a high quality lock that turns the door of your home into a fortress that is difficult to break down.

Can you open a lock without the key?

This is a point that lends itself to a lot of myths since the locksmith industry is very closed and almost no information is shared with someone who is not a locksmith, this is largely because we do not want to facilitate the work of lovers of the alien.

But any lock itself can be opened without a key, as no design is perfect. One of the most used techniques is the use of lock picks, with these objects the work that a key would do is simulated, with the pick the bolts are accommodated inside the lock, in order to make the cylinder turn.

To do this, however, requires a very good knowledge of the lock from the inside. This is also a skill that requires a lot of practice which in turn requires time and if we add to it that improvements are constantly being made in the locks, we can conclude that this is a skill that has to be perfected all the time.

So the next time you need the services of a locksmith, think about all the time and effort it takes to master what some consider an art.

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