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motorbike spares

When buying a motorbike spares in motorcycle for our child, many questions arise. And it is that the market for mini motorcycles has increased enormously. There is such a variety of models that it is not known which one to choose and many times it is the aesthetic aspect that determines the choice. But this is a mistake, since there are many more important factors than this to choose our son’s first motorcycle .

From this blog we want to give you a series of tips so that the choice of this mini motorbike spares adapts as much as possible to the needs and objectives of the user. And for this it is essential to ask a series of previous questions, such as:

Pilot age and span

Depending on the physical characteristics of our child, we will be able to discard a motorcycle of a size and / or weight that is not recommended. Most mini motorcycles support up to 80 kg of weight, although it is recommended not to load it too much. At Motorcycles we have a wide range of models from the smallest, for the youngest rider, to competition motorcycles for teenagers.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Motorcycle experience

It is essential to know what the child’s experience on a motorbike spares is. That is, if it is your first mini bike or you have already driven one, or if you have at least ridden a bike. Having some cycling expertise helps when riding a motorcycle for the first time.

Because depending on the skills of the pilot we can advise one model or another. In this case, the child’s abilities will help us to know the technical characteristics of the vehicle to choose. When it is your first bike and you do not have much experience with the bike, there is the possibility of adding additional wheels to the mini bike .

Use of the motorcycle

And just as important as the characteristics and skills of the child, is knowing that we want to use the bike. It is important to know what the vehicle is wanted for, whether for the asphalt (MiniMp Gp) or for the ground (minicross).

Safety and protection on the motorbike spares bike

One of the star questions from customers who come looking for this first motorcycle is about their safety and protection. These vehicles have a series of general protections, which are present in all models, such as:

  • Chain covers – To avoid friction and snagging.
  • Exhaust pipe outlet – Hidden under the seat.
  • Antique matures – Protections around the exhaust pipe, both at the smoke outlet and at the connection to the engine.
motorbike spares
motorbike spares

In addition, depending on the model, the motorcycle also has a safety stop and speed limiter.

It should be noted that most pocket bikes for the initiation of our son / daughter have 2-stroke and 49cc air-cooled engines. Point out as important data that they do not have a clutch, they are automatic.

At motorcycle we have an advisory team to answer your questions to find the ideal mini motorcycle . And based on these tips, are you more clear on which model to buy? Visit the store and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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