What is the building inspection for old buildings?

What is the building inspection for old buildings?

Like cars, our buildings must also pass a technical building inspection to control their safety and stability. Does your building have to pass the building inspection this year? Do not you know what it is? Attentive to this article, because we give you an answer.

The norm that gives origin to the building inspection is the ordinance of Conservation, Rehabilitation and State of the buildings, approved the Regulations of the inspection, to create a building inspection report where the minimum conditions of security, healthiness are collected, accessibility, public decoration and decorum.

A thorough analysis is carried out in all areas of the building consisting of:

  • Structure and foundation.
  • Interior facades, exteriors, dividing walls, cornices, projections, flights or ornamental elements, etc.
  • Roofs and roofs.
  • Plumbing and sanitation.
  • Accessibility elements

Energy efficiency, although this content will determine the final result of the building inspection.

building inspection

What buildings should the building inspection pass?

All those buildings in which they reach 30 years from the date of completion of works or rehabilitation. As an example, in this year 2017 they should pass it:

  • The buildings and constructions built or restructured in the year 1986.
  • Buildings built between 1966 and 1969.
  • The buildings owned by public legal entities, diplomatic representations and international organizations with buildings built before 1975.

Do not you know if your building has to pass the building inspection this year?

The city council informs by means of notification, although in case of not receiving it you can consult it through its website the list of buildings pending to pass the inspection, through its database, accessible at this address.

My building passes the building inspection this year, what should I do?

If your building has to carry out the building inspection, the first thing is to hire the services of a sector technician, who will carry out the building inspection.

Create a building inspection report that will be favorable or unfavorable, which in turn must present in person at the municipal registration offices or in the records of public administrations.

In their web, they facilitate the forms so that you can fill them; you will find two models to download according to the result of the technician. To this document, we must add the land plot with the location of your building.

How much time do you have to provide the procedures?

You can complete the paperwork within one year from the 30th year since the date of completion of works or rehabilitation.

Having the current building inspection of your building is an obligation that falls on the owners of the same.

Of the buildings of “residential typology of collective housing” older than 50 years. In addition to those intended to be occupied, without building a family nucleus and sharing services, such as hotels and residences.

To carry out this report, the owners can contract the services of any licensed and qualified architect.

building inspection

If this year you have to do the paperwork for the inspection you can submit the IEE report. Instead, your technician has to fill in the option “Create Complete IEE” so that the inspection you are doing is entirely complete and current.

In the case of having already in force the building inspection of your building, you can also present the IEE.

If you want to ask for public subsidies for your building for energy efficiency or accessibility type works, you must present the building inspection report before asking for help.

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